TopicHow to use Zelle ?

  • Wed 2nd Dec 2020 - 7:08am

    Zelle offers the options to send, receive, or request money. One need not be well-versed in modern technology to understand how Zelle functions. To start using the services, you need to log into digital or mobile banking service provided by your bank and search for the “Send Money with Zelle” option. If your financial institution doesn’t offer Zelle Customer service, you must download the Zelle application in your mobile phone to avail faster and convenient services offered by the platform. Register with a valid U.S. based phone number or email address and start your journey with Zelle. To send money, enter the phone number or email address along with the name of the recipient and the amount you want to transfer. Hit “Send” only after verifying all the details you have entered as the transaction will take place straight into the bank account of the other person.

    To request money from your friends or family using Zelle, you need to tap on the “Request” option and then select the individual you would like to request money from. You can request multiple individuals at the same time.

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