TopicExercising to Lose Weight Home Exercises to Try Out

  • Thu 14th Nov 2019 - 9:20am

    This particular exercise targets two of the largest muscles in the5 Minute Belly Burnerhuman body - the legs and the buttocks. Start squat exercises by standing in the mirror and positioning the feet at shoulder width. Start bending the knees downward in a squat, making sure that the back stays straight. Start off by going slow without bending down too low - later on, it would be easier to maintain lower squat. Try to perform about 2 sets every day with each set containing about 20 repetitions.

    This cardiovascular exercise paves the way for weight loss. It speeds up the heart rate which basically leads to excessive perspiration. What's great about this is that it affects the whole body, making it a full-anatomical workout. Try to perform around 5 sets of jumping jacks every day, making sure to do about 20 repetitions for every set. Make sure to perform this exercise in the first story of a house with a solid floor.

    Make use of the stairs at home and try running up and down the steps. This is an excellent way of burning calories, especially if there are multiple steps available. Perform 3 sets of this exercise, stepping on roughly 20 steps that go upward. Moving downward is also a great exercise, but it is really the upward motion that gets the blood pumping. Note that using the stairs as an exercise machine can be dangerous so perform things slowly until the movement becomes familiar.


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