TopicStop Caring What "They" Think

  • Thu 13th Jun 2019 - 10:30am

    A major roadblock many people encounter on the way to success, or really to any kind Yantra Manifestation Review  of progress in life, be it social or financial, is ascribing too much importance to what other people think. To tell you the truth I haven't met one person who honestly doesn't give any importance to other people's opinions, and that includes myself. Where it crosses the line is that most of the time it's not so much caring what other people think as it is caring what complete strangers think.

    Picture this situation. You're in your car on your way home from a great day at work and your favorite song comes on. I mean this has been a fantastic day so what do you do You do what any reasonable person would do in this situation, you start singing, maybe even dancing! For a few minutes you're in your own world, singing along and loving life, until... Until you see the guy in the car next to you looking at you like you're an idiot. This is when most people go from feeling great to wishing they could turn invisible. You'd probably turn the stereo down, sinking slowly into your seat while try to think serious mature thoughts.

    Now this isn't the only situation where caring what others think can affect you but I though this would be an example most people could relate to. The problem is that caring what other people think can have tangible effects on your life. It is a very dangerous habit to acquire because it encourages you to move with the group or conform to the masses, and no high achievers ever got where they are by following the masses. Earl Nightingale put it beautifully when he said that if you see 10 people going one direction and 2 people going another direction and you don't want to think, if you follow the 2 people you'll probably never make another mistake as long as you live. The masses are used to simply surviving so you can bet they're not doing what's best for your success, and they're definitely not molding you into a high achiever. Caring what they think and conforming to their standards and actions can only lead to one logical place and that place is neither abundance nor prosperity.

    The good news is that there is something you can do. Obsessing over other people's opinion of you usually stems from self-confidence issues, and these issues can be helped over the course of a month or two by sitting in front of the mirror every night and telling yourself what you appreciate about... well... yourself. This may sound very foolish and it will most certainly feel that way the first time you try it but trust me when I say it will drastically change your self-image if you're consistent for a few weeks. As with all changes in mindset it takes about 30 days of consistent practice till the new pathways are etched into your brain, so suck it up and don't miss a day. Start tonight and you'll feel a real difference a month from now. Like I said you'll feel stupid at first, and my even find you can't think of anything, but start small and work your way up. In a few weeks time you'll find your self-confidence at an all time high and the importance of other people's opinions of you at an all time low, in other words you'll start really living!


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