TopicPreparing For an Enduring Success

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 12:18pm

    The first question that you need to ask yourself if you want to get rich is are you having fun Overnight Millionaire System Reviewat work? If the answer is no, you'll never get rich at what you're doing because getting rich requires passion and enthusiasm.The people who make the most money have fun at what they do for a living - That is the key to success. They go to the office because they have fun there. Warren Buffet has made a career out of what he loves namely analyzing stocks and other investments and he has become the second richest man in the world. Buffet is now well past seventy but he shows no sign of retiring because he enjoys what he's doing.

    A similar love of one's work drove the late Sam Walton to create Wal-Mart the world's largest and richest retailer and become the world's richest man in the process. Walton loved retailing so much that he devoted most of his time to it - That is his key to success. When he was on vacation in Europe Walton didn't just visit ruins and museums he actually visited European retail stores to see how they operated. It was a visit to an Italian department store that inspired Walton to create the very successful Super Wal-Mart stores that have made Wal-Mart America's largest grocer.

    Walton became the world's richest man because he loved his business retailing and had fun doing it. Walton was able to become filthily wealthy because he identified his key to success and had fun at work.The same can be said of Barrack Obama when he did something he didn't like namely practicing law he got nowhere. When Obama shifted his focus to something he loved; politics, the man succeeded beyond his wildest dreams because he was doing something that he enjoyed - That became his key to success. Virtually every successful person and almost every rich person gets that way because they enjoy what they do for a living.

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