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  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 9:50am


    You ask yourself the very reasonable question "what if I just stopped exercising"Let's look Clave Diabetes Tipo 2  at this from a deep down, cellular perspective as well as from a more global outlook.First, your body's biology. The exercise has given your formerly insulin resistant cells a new lease on life. Directly and indirectly, your marathon gym sessions have opened up your cell's floodgates... finally letting the flow of sugar resemble normalcy. When you stop, this progress slowly backtracks. Cells become blockaded, insulin and blood sugar levels shoot up, and the excess flow of blood sugar damages every cell in your body.

    Your pancreas, doing the best it can, tries to keep up with the insulin your cells are demanding. However, the brief rest wasn't enough to rejuvenate your beta cells, and it once again falls back into "beta cell burnout".Making matters worse, the composition of your body begins to shift. Muscles that once received a stimulus now lay as still as a frozen river. Naturally, they begin to atrophy and become replaced by fat. The fat itself spews out inflammation... making insulin's job even more difficult.

    The calories you burned off are surely missed. You used to be able to "get away with" two pieces of fruit for dessert, but not anymore. Those calories, which were once wiped away with a trip to the gym, wind up as extra weight and fat.The gym, while a pain to get to, provided a sense of accomplishment and stress reduction that no other activity can provide. The confidence hit alone may drive you to overeat... making that giant chocolate bar at the checkout line even more tempting. Stress hormones like cortisol begin their ascent, making a dent in your quality of life as well as your once stellar blood sugar level control. Looking in the mirror goes from a source of pride to that of shame. As the pounds or kilograms pile back on, self-image and confidence free falls.

    Simply put, cutting out exercise is a recipe for disaster... not just for your body, but for your mind as well. Do you know, its not just impractical to control and reverse diabetes with diet alone... it's impossible.Would you like more information about alternative ways to handle your type 2 diabetesWhile there have been major developments in the treatment of diabetes it is the diagnosis of diabetes which is the greatest challenge going forward. Once you have been diagnosed as a diabetic the treatment is fairly straightforward and should not impact upon your standard of living and your quality of life in the longer-term. However, diabetes diagnosis is essential in the fight against the condition because many people believe that for every one person diagnosed with diabetes there is potentially one person remaining undiagnosed.


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