TopicAt such moments, the old obstacles

  • Thu 15th Aug 2019 - 4:11am

    Provexum UK At such moments, the old obstacles are crumbling and prohibitions disappear. When Laura confessed to Oleg, her second husband, that prior to their meeting, oral sex was disgusting to him, he was intrigued: “It became interesting to me if women tend to feel their passion like this — literally to taste. I talked to several of my friends - and was surprised to find out that some of them do not like to kiss, and cunnilingus causes disgust in them. ” If a boy grows up in a “yard” subculture, then he can adopt the rules that are characteristic of her. According to these rules, some things can not be done, and why - is not explained. Just everyone knows that cunnilingus is "not in a boyish manner." At my reception there were men who liked to do cunnilingus, but before that they took the word from their girlfriend that she would never tell anyone about it. Another thing is fellatio. Some men like and do not consider it sex. Bill Clinton spoke confidently at a press conference about Monika Lewinsky, with whom he indulged in oral games: "I did not have sex with this woman." Sex without penetration - for men, it is sometimes a way to not commit yourself, to get satisfaction, avoiding intimacy. For the same reason, some women perceive fellatio as humiliation. But in a love couple, oral caress acquires a completely different meaning: they testify to trust and the desire to make another pleasant. Without coercion Pleasure leads pleasure. For this requires care and tenderness. " Because in oral sex depends on the partner, perhaps, more than any other. Everything happens differently for everyone, and each case reveals new secrets of love alchemy. Sex without orgasm occurs at every turn, is an orgasm possible without sex? Tantric sex is an incredibly popular destination. By the way, as a rule, it has a very beneficial effect on relations - in the process a rare mutual understanding and the ability to feel a partner are achieved. With the right approach, of course. 120067 The teachings of tantra originate from Buddhism and are aimed at transforming sex into a kind of spiritual experience (here it is, enlightenment!). The basis of tantric sex - attention and slowness. By the way, among the world stars Tantra has a lot of fans - for example, Sting and his spouse only practice such sex.

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