TopicA Vegan Pregnancy - Is It Safe

  • Wed 24th Apr 2019 - 7:21am

    However, nothing can be further away from the truth. A person who is underweight finds it equally  Science Based Turmeric   challenging in gaining weight as an overweight person does in losing them. For one, an underweight person can be more vulnerable to health risks as they generally have weaker immune systems; this can be particularly harmful when the person is pregnant or elderly. Some can also be underweight because of chronic illnesses or because of genetic issues.Successful weight gain can be achieved with a wellplanned diet and exercise program that is adopted and naturalized into one's lifestyle. A healthy weight can only be sustained if eating habits and daily lifestyle patterns are changed to achieve one's weight goals.

    There are two basic components in a weight gain program, namely a healthy diet coupled with the right exercise program.The secret to weight gain is increasing one's intake of calories. Instead of junk food, cakes, popcorn and beer, one should consider the right kind of calorie food that has nutritional value such as vegetable, fruits whole grains, pasta, cereal, rice and potatoes and the right proportion of meat. Wholesome food should be consumed in balanced portions about three to five times a day. It is also recommended to include about 15 to 25 per cent of fats in one's diet which can certainly help the body put on some pounds. Not to forget food rich in protein and dairy content such as egg, cheese, milk and yoghurt that can help build muscles and overall physical immunity.

    Strength Training and Exercises for Weight Gain The recommended exercise for weight gain is strength training, which builds core muscles of the body, making it strong and more sculpted. Unlike cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling and swimming that aim to burn calories, strength training steadily enhances the strength of one's skeletal muscles as well as joints. Trainers would normally recommend a warmup session with slow cardio exercise to loosen the muscles before starting one's strength training in order to prevent injuries. Certain mindbody exercises like Yoga and Tai Chi can also help strengthen core muscles, posture, balance and improve flexibility, which can certainly enhance one's health and not to mention, one's appetite.

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