TopicJustin Timberlake sticks to the old hits to pays tribute to Prince during Super Bowl Halftime Show

  • Tue 6th Feb 2018 - 2:16am

    Article: SbNation


    Justin Timberlake gave America a lukewarm bath of pop music on Sunday night in the Super Bowl halftime w88 live , mixing in plenty of his hits and dancing around all wonderfully, his fans undoubtedly all clapping along nearly on beat; a nation collectively agreeing that we were just going to forget that Janet Jackson ever existed for a good 20 minutes or so.

    He also paid tribute to the late Prince, not with a hologram as was rumored, but with a projection of him on a sheet, which I guess isn’t as bad, maybe? I don’t know.

    He came out in a jacket with tassels and a shirt with m88 promotion on it and led with the song “Filthy” off Man of the Woods. It’s a subtle blend of Americana and hip hop that would have been innovative and cool had Uncle Kracker not done the same thing like 20 years ago.

    Then Timberlake went back to the hits, and I was reminded that dude has a LOT of bangers. He hit us with “Rock Your Body” and then a medley of “Señorita” and “Sexy Back” and a wilded-out rock version of “My Love,” and I was happy again. Then he did “Cry Me A River” and I swooned, because online baccarat malaysia, that’s still a great song.

    A moment at a white piano for his ballad, “Until the End of Time,” fell flat because he was trying to hit us with a ballad at halftime of the Super Bowl. Then the aforementioned Prince tribute, which, man, let’s unpack it.

    The scuttle ahead of the game on Sunday was that Timberlake would not be performing by himself but would be joined onstage by a hologram of Prince. They were going to do this despite the fact that Prince made it clear when he was alive that he was mortified by holograms and was terrified that his likeness and voice would be used by people after he was gone. He went on record about that — in 1998!


  • Tue 1st May 2018 - 6:50pm

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