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  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 10:08am

    Melody ranks right up there with lyrics in my book. It is what draws the Pianoforall Review listener in and usually what they hum after hearing the song. The melody, and I am referring to the vocal melody here, has to flow effortlessly with what the acoustic guitar is doing. If one is good, but the other lacks, the song is doomed from the start. This combination is one of the most difficult parts of song writing and requires a good ear to be able to hear what works, and what doesn't. A great melody can make a song stand out against all the rest.Well what I just gave is the basic break up of a song, all the elements, and how they work together. When these three elements combine, they summon a great acoustic song. But remember, when writing your own music, it is important to be overly critical. Never settle for second best. Because if you do, that is all you will ever be.

    The 90's gave us some great artists: R. Kelly, Mint Condition and some other names that will forever be part of R & B history. They performed with a passion and zest, that captivated the whole world. The good thing about great music, is that it doesn't matter what genre it is, if the sound is incredible it will draw the attention of every fan of the music world. The beautiful and alluring voice of Lauryn Hill is a prime example of this effect.She combined rap lyrics and 50's harmony on her song, "That thing," and it ruled the airwaves when it first came out. Even today, on some radio stations, they still play it and listeners will call in and ask to hear it again. That's when you know a song is powerful.Lauryn Hill started off as a member of The Fugees and immediately made a mark in the music world. Her soulful voice and unbridled street lyrics, made even the most hardcore lyrics blush. Then, as with every great performer, something happened. Lauryn departed from The Fugees and made her solo album. The solo album is a big step for a member of any music trio. It can be a double-edged sword, a huge success or a career destroying failure.



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