TopicEnvelope Filter - The Key to a Funky, Auto-Wah Sound on Your Bass

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 9:53am

    The fourth and latest home karaoke equipmentPianoforall that hits in the market is the iPod and MP3 player. This will allow you to download your personal music in an MP3 format. There is propriety software that will allow you to remove the original voice and record your own voice while reading the display of the music. The cutting edge of MP3 will allow you to bring this anywhere without the use of television and other equipment.

    Can you be sure that you want to be a drummer if you are not really sure of what drummers do? Sure, drummers drum, but what does that really mean?Here are some of the things that the best drummers do - and that you will be doing if you are serious about playing drums Keep the beat. The drummer is the pulse of the band. You set the tempo, and you make sure that the band keeps the tempo. You have to be rock solid all the time and not speed up when you get excited or slow down when you get bored (or when the music gets complicated!).

    Drive the band. Beyond keeping the beat, you have no make that beat exciting. You have to drive the band forward, creating a groove that makes the audience want to get up and dance. (This is tougher than it sounds, since you have to drive forward without speeding up!).

    Set things up. The drummer is the timekeeper and, in many cases, the conductor. When there is something big coming up - the chorus of the song, the climax of a big solo, or a change in dynamics or instrumentation - it's the drummer's job to set things up and lead into the next section. These setups and fills help propel the band from one part to another and give a little punch to the parts that need it.


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