TopicHow to Burn Fat and Build Muscle? The #1 Mistake You Must Avoid

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 9:17am

    The holy grail of all weight loss is not reduced calories... not by a long TurmaSlim Review shot. It's metabolism! When your metabolism is running nice and high, weight loss becomes automatic. Your body does all the work for you! Pretty sweet deal, right.When you starve yourself, your metabolism actually slows down, and your body begins to retain more fat to use as fuel later. It's called conservation. Your body needs calories, and if it's not getting them it will retain as much "food" as possible to ration out and keep you alive as long as possible. Does this make sense.

    In addition, once your body does begin to use your stored fuel resources, it starts with protein. This is also known as muscle! And as muscle is a great metabolism booster, you can see how dangerous this scenario becomes not only in terms of compromised health, but extremely slow weight loss! Eventually you will lose weight, but by no means is this the right way to go about it.A pretty good formula to follow is natural food + small portions + many eating intervals = enhanced metabolic rate = success! It's all about boosting that metabolism, my friend.

    So while you can eventually lose weight eating one meal a day (provided it's not a 3,000 calorie meal!), it is far wiser, safer, and infinitely more effective to feed your body... not starve it!Pay Close Attention:An incredible new diet plan has been released that is getting unprecidented results, helping thousands of people melt body fat like a furnace... with zero starvation! This is one opportunity you can't afford to pass up!


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