TopicLearn Content of RS Summer Escape Week 3

  • Mon 19th Aug 2019 - 11:06am

    The third week of RS Summer Escape is coming with the end of the week 2. On the theme of Elite Dungeons and Dungeoneering, players can enjoy a variety of boosts and buffs for Elite Dungeons and Dungeoneering until August 25th.

    Week 3: Elite Dungeons and Dungeoneering bonuses

    The week 3 of RuneScape Summer Escape runs from August 19th to August 25th. Here are the detailed bonuses during this period: 
    -Elite dungeons: 
    Lore book drop rate doubled 
    25% increased Slayer experience from dungeon monsters 
    1 extra ancient scale or draconic energy whenever the drop is rolled 
    1 automatic resurrection to full life points upon death per run, whether in normal or story mode 
    Double Dungeoneering tokens 
    No experience penalty upon death 
    Double dungeoneering tokens

    Player Owned Farms bonuses during the event

    Besides the bonuses every week, players can enjoy Player Owned Farms bonuses all throughout RuneScape Summer Escape event: 
    10% increased chance of breeding animals 
    5% increased chance of shiny animals 
    10% happiness and health increase from feeding 
    Double item yield from harvested animals 
    10% more beans from selling animals 
    10% Increased drop rate of animals from combat 
    Honeycombs are 50% more effective when used on animals

    Enjoy all the boosts and bonuses for Elite Dungeons and Dungeoneering this week! In addition, you can always buy cheap RuneScape gold from RSorder to enjoy the most convenience.

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