TopicWOW 8.2.5:Bee Mount Is Really Coming

  • Fri 9th Aug 2019 - 7:21am

    WOW 8.2 has been open for a month now, and while we're still exploring new content of 8.2, Blizzard released a development note for WOW 8.2.5 yesterday that includes the much-anticipated Bee mount, which is much anticipated by WOW players.

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    Since 8.0, the Bee mount has been concerned about the hearts of players. Now at last there was definite news of it. When WOW 8.2.5 comes online, Alliance players will be able to earn this adorable mount by completing a new Stormsong Valley quest chain.

    This cute bee mount has a giant honey pot on its back! It can even perform the waggle dance of real-world honeybees. But it's worth noting that this mount belongs only to the alliance. If you're a horde and really want this mount, get an alliance number now and wait for 8.2.5 to open.

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