Gold Edition PS4 Slim Apparently Confirmed, Coming Soon

Mon 5th Jun 2017 - 5:50pm : Gaming

Following a leak last week, the gold edition PlayStation 4 Slim model has now been confirmed, it seems. Twitter user Wario64 has somehow gotten a hold of the Target weekly ad for the week of June 11, which clearly shows the unannounced console; it's described as a "limited" model.

The console is priced at $250, according to the ad, and will launch the week of June 11.

According to NeoGAF, Target will have a number of gaming deals for the week of June 11 as well, including Horizon: Zero Dawn and Mass Effect: Andromeda for $40 each. Battlefield 1, Grand Theft Auto V, and NBA 2K17 are reportedly being discounted to $30 each that week.

Keep checking back with GameSpot for more as it's announced.

Currently, the PS4 Slim is available in matte black and glacier white, though in the US the latter is only available through a Walmart-exclusive Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare bundle. Sony previously offered a limited run of gold-colored original PS4s in the US, exclusively through a competition with fast food chain Taco Bell.


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