Exeo Entertainment, Inc. is the parent company behind the Psyko® and Krankz® brands.

Psyko® Audio headphones are a revolutionary step forward in audio design. Featuring patented Psykowave technology, our headphones offer a much more immersive gaming experience to those that want, or have to have, the best.

Hearing what true, unprocessed surround-sound is supposed to sound like – for the first time – is an eye opening experience. We’re dedicated to dominating the high end gaming headphone space and that starts with you.

We can’t actually put eyes in the back of your head, but we can give you the tools you’ll need to know when the enemies are behind you!

We know that we’re not the most well known company, but we’re changing that. we believe that we have hands down, definitively, the best gaming headphones on the planet. while our competitors “claim” to have surround sound, it is simulated. We are the only company that can deliver true, unprocessed, surround sound in the world.